What Does Forever Feel Like?

Wyatt Sparks

it’s 2  it’s 4  it’s 8  it’s 10  it’s 20  and 40

It’s Hercules and hydra. It’s for every one head you take, you get two heads. Everywhere else this is a good thing (i.e. two for one,  birds and stone, bang for buck) not here though, def. not here. It’s an issue of temptation.

You love the long necks like anyone else, except eventually they’re a garden. It’s a simple principle but then there are a lot of fucking heads all over the place. Some become mothers and fathers, which only equals more heads. The heads make a city and in the city the heads have districts, some for fashion, some for the loveless heads that the other heads no longer want to be around.

You come to the city on public transit. It only takes you a second to start slashing again. And the baby heads, it hurts to cut them up, down to the stump, but at this point you can’t help yourself. It’s the best kind of murder — one where there’s a profit. Some of the heads grow old and cry because they’ve seen so many heads around them turn to two and four.

In the morning, bright and early of course, the heads drive to work in offices, train stations, and flower shops. Heads kiss other heads goodbye before work. Then heads meet and laugh or are impolite.

In a rage even a head will kill another head and then there are two new ones that the head doesn’t argue with anymore. It’s a huge problem. The heads avoid your murderous trail. Some come to talk and find you caked in blood but it’s not something you can just turn off lickity split. Some of the heads wonder what they’re going to do with all the extra heads. Most of the heads live for yesterday. They talk about what it was like to be the only heads.

Walking through, you hear a head talking at a wedding.

Let me say I believe these heads will grow old together. Let me say that they have a future with the sun as an integral part. I believe they want and know this. Let me say that when these heads are at their worst they will at least be doing it together.

And it was the most sensible thing you heard all day or in a long time. It makes you happy. You wipe your face and find a wetness. You continue to rampage.