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We hope that you will join our mailing list. We use this list primarily to tell people when new issues of Birkensnake come out, which usually happens only once a year. That means you probably will not receive very many emails from us: one a year. But it is important for you to know right away when there is a new Birkensnake, because sometimes we do not have very many copies and someone else might get the copy that you wanted.

It’s possible that other things might happen that would cause us to send you email, things besides a new Birkensnake. For example, something special might happen. But usually nothing special happens, so these other special emails will be infrequent. Also we will not give or sell your address to other people or monitor you or any of those other things.

So we hope you will join. Once you fill out this page and click the button, you will get an email from birkensnake@​ to confirm that you want to take this step; only when you follow the link in that email have you finally subscribed.

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