Interview Part 4

Glenn Langohr

GL: And I’ve been out of prison for almost five years: in September it’ll be five years. And — writing has definitely saved my life. Like I’m just as obsessed about writing as I used to be about taking over — uh; whatever drug trade I was trying to take over in my demented mind back then. (laughter)


EL: That’s awesome … So like, um; the different techniques and tricks and devices in writing are now what obsess you in a similar way to what; …

GL: Yeah. Exactly. Plots and storylines and — and uh; characters — character development — uh, good over evil … like just; character motivations … being able to — yeah: doing all that, it’s pretty cool; it’s pretty exciting.

EL: That’s inspiring to hear, man. I mean the story is unbelievable … and — it’s really one that everyone can learn from. Especially the people who … aren’t in prison, and — you know; aren’t writing, you know … they might feel really wimpy, because … you know: you went to prison, you went through all of this adversity … and you’re, — stronger than ever for it, one might say;

GL: Yeah.

EL: So … uh; for the people who are going to be reading it, you know, that haven’t been to prison, and are looking for inspiration to write, and are kind of drifting around … I think this is going to be really good for them to read your story.

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