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Birkensnake moth

Birkensnake is an irregularly published, imperfectly bound collection of fiction. Fiction! Paper! Thread! It is exactly what you want in your lifeboat.

Birkensnake 6, the most recent installment, was edited in seven different versions by seven different teams of guest editors, strangers to each other until they signed on to the project. Print editions were made by seven different bookmakers. Many people were part of this Birkensnake, even more people than usual, more than we are comfortable thinking of. Print copies are now gone, but most of the contents, as well as some further reflections on the whole episode, are still available online.

If you donated to Birkensnake 6 through Kickstarter, you should have your reward in hand by now. If you do not, please e-mail us at


If you are a writer of fiction, please consider submitting your work for Birkensnake 7.